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A BROAD BASE OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Gail is endorsed by a broad range of community members and local leaders with widely varying backgrounds. This reflects her commitment to be a unifying voice with a level-headed, solution-oriented leadership style.

Elected and appointed officials

Bruce McPherson, Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, 5th District

“Gail understands water and business. She has the expertise and leadership skills to navigate the technical and financial challenges the District faces in recovering from the CZU Fire.”

Mark Stone, California State Assemblymember, District 29

“With her wealth of experience and deep scientific knowledge, Gail will be an articulate advocate for SLVWD
in developing the sustainability plan for the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin.”

Lois Henry, Director and Past President, San Lorenzo Valley Water District

David Herbst, SLVWD Environmental Committee

Kevin O'Connor, SLVWD Environmental Committee

Elaine Fresco, SLVWD Environmental Committee

Stacie Brownlee, Ben Lomond Fire Chief

Laura Dolson, SLV School Board

Jim Reed, Scotts Valley City Council

Donna Ziel, Trustee, Cabrillo Community College Governing Board

Democratic Club of Northern Santa Cruz County

Other community leaders and ratepayers


Val Ahlgren

Arnold Ammann

Karah Ammann

Jim Anderson

Judy Anderson

Karen Asherah

Maria Ballard

Ryan Ballard

Roger Barnes

Frank Bäuerle

Esther Bourne

Traci-lin Buntz

Cecily Cahill

Amy Carlson

Shanda Churchill

Nick Clifford

Michelle Cline

Glenn Davis

Jen Davis

Jeff Denny

Laura Denny

Ysraelya Dolinger

Jon Dusaint

Robin Dusaint

Clara Elliott

Kerry Emery

Larry Ford   

Michael Fresco

Brian Frus

Les Gardner

Peter Gelblum

Nancy Gerdt

Martha Graham-Waldon

Susan Hammer Handloff

Mark Hansen

Karen Holl

Chris Holmes

Dr. Michelle Holmes

Todd Iles

Sabina Iles

Father Nat Johnson

Bill Jurgen

Jennifer Kanter

Francine Lapides

Bryan Largay

Hilde Largay

Beth Lilienthal

Michael Loik

Megan Lonsdale

Paul Machlis

Nancy Macy

Joni Martin

Barb Matessa

Mike Matessa

Diane McCormick

Roberta McPherson

Ken Meshke

Linda Moore

Nina Moore

Jim Mosher

Michelle Mosher

Robin Musitelli

Bob Namba

Pat Namba

Jim Nelson

Leean Nounnan 

Daryl Nounnan

Jane Orbuch

Kristin Praly

Karyl Rader

Jim Rapoza

Brad Resetar

Christel Resetar

Eric Rice

Eugenia Rice

Sarah Rosenquist

Becca Rubin

Kristin Saylor

Mindy Schults

John Schumacher

Lorraine Schumacher

Judi Sherman

Jonathan Simon

Kelley Skeff

Linda Skeff

Barbara Sprenger

Mark Stephens

Angelica Stretch

Andrea Woolfolk

Thomas Wynn



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