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Instructions on how to locate your property on the County Zonehaven debris flow evacuation map

Go to:

Click the search icon in the upper left. Enter your address. This will cause the map to zoom in on your property, highlight your Zonehaven zone, and a pop-up box will provide the number of your zone and its current status. These polygons are zones similar to those used by emergency personnel during the CZU fire. As of the November virtual Town Hall meetings, the Sheriff's Office intends to evacuate all zones at once if an evacuation order is issued, but may use to zone numbers during repopulation.

Click the icon in the upper left that looks like a pile of papers to get the key to the colors depicting the evacuation status of zones. At this time (Nov. 25) only two colors are showing : Clear/none = Normal; Blue = Advisory (this area subject to mandatory evacuation if a high-intensity rainfall event is forecast). The blue advisory zones will receive an evacuation warning 48 hours before a forecasted rainfall event large enough to trigger debris flows, at which point the zones will be shown in yellow on the map. 24 hours before the event, a mandatory evacuation order will be issued, and the zone will be shown in reddish-orange. (Unfortunately, they used a topographic base that shows vegetation zones in various shades of green; don’t let this or the superposition of colors confuse you. If it does, switch to “Satellite” view in the lower left.)






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