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Gail's Discussion of Post-fire-related Topics Important for SLVWD Ratepayers


Instructions on how to locate your property on the County Zonehaven debris flow evacuation map

Wondering if you will be evacuated this winter?  Learn how to find your home or business on the County Zonehaven evacuation map released in mid-November, 2020. (Read More)

Instructions on how to determine if your property is in a debris flow hazard zone

Do you want to know whether your home or business might be at risk of debris flows or flooding this coming winter? And the nature of those risks? Find your property on the WERT Report debris flow hazard map. (Read More)

Hazards from post-CZU-fire debris flows

In the aftermath of a wildfire, debris flows (a.k.a. mudflows) can cause extensive damage within and downstream of the burn zone. Learn what the debris flow hazards are for San Lorenzo Valley residents and businesses following the CZU fire, and the implications for planning by SLVWD for post-fire reconstruction. (Read More)

Fire damage to SLVWD facilities

SLVWD facilities on Ben Lomond Mountain for collecting and transporting surface water were extensively damaged by the CZU fire. (Read More)

Why would the District use above-ground plastic pipes in a fire zone?

The District's above-ground plastic water distribution pipes burned in the CZU fire, causing catastrophic loss of water pressure and contamination of two water storage tanks. If your initial reaction on hearing this was "What were they thinking using plastic pipes?", as it was mine, read on. It's not as crazy as it seems. 
(Read More)

Response to Oct 2, 2020 New York Times Article "After Wildfires Stop Burning, a Danger in the Drinking Water"

The Oct. 2 edition of New York Times features SLVWD in an article on post-fire hazards resulting from burning of plastic pipelines. I explain why I think the article is a bit alarmist and overly gloomy about the potential for contamination of the District's water supply and the long-term monitoring of water quality. (Read More)

Video of Dec. 1, 2020, presntation on Post-Fire Debris Flow Hazards in San Lorenzo Valley

Video of Dec. 1, 2020, Mahood presentation on Post-Fire Debris Flow Hazards in San Lorenzo Valley (Read More)

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