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Gail visits Riverside Grove to advise homeowner in burn area of debris flow hazards

Gail’s decades of research in volcanology has made her very familiar with debris flows, as debris flows following explosive eruptions kill more people than the eruptions themselves. She is very concerned about the potential this coming winter for debris flows forming during intense rainfall events in watersheds burned in the CZU fire. She has been integrating her knowledge of the Valley’s geology and topography with the newly released debris flow hazards map by the U.S. Geological Survey to advise the public of hazards and potential steps to mitigate them.  She is also providing input on the Engineering Committee as the District plans reconstruction of the water intake facilities on the east side of Ben Lomond Mountain. 


Here, Gail is conducting a site study in the Riverside Grove area north of Boulder Creek just below SLVWD’s tank, an area in which homes were destroyed and the surrounding forest experienced moderate fire damage.  She is conferring with Larry Ford, land management and forestry specialist, and Karen Holl, UCSC Professor of Environmental Studies with a specialty in ecosystem restoration, and describing how the nature of the geologic formations across the CZU burn area affects the level of debris flow hazards in various areas this coming winter.

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